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"Ron is one of the most professional individuals in the printing business. His communication and follow-up is top notch, the products he produced for me were perfect and on time. I highly recommend Ron for any of your printing needs."

AJ Hughes/Messages Remembered

"Ron helped me with some very important printing needs. He was fast and efficient. He also gave me great guidance on how everything should be layed out. Most importantly, the quality of his work was superlative while the cost was less than half of anyone else's quote I've received...including the online printing & marketing companies. You and your pocketbook will both be happy you called Ron!"

Roy Patterson/24/7 Productions

Tucson's Discount Printer

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The printing industry is so varied and diverse that no one company could ever hope to cover the entire market.  RLS  works with ONLY highly trusted trade-only suppliers with diverse services able to serve the entire market and present a package as a complete printing solution. One could say that RLS is like a management company that represents the entire printing industry.

RLS can be beneficial to companies in many ways. We scour the market to find the BEST PRICES for our customers, and with our large and diverse supply chain, we can address all your printing needs. We can keep prices down by using trade-only suppliers as opposed to printing companies whose sales force must sell to the presses, not to the customer's needs.